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Geoff Davis of Story Software

Geoff Davis - Story Software

Hi, I am Geoff Davis, based in London. I developed Story Software following research in my Masters degree in Electronic Arts at Middlesex University. The MA was on zooming interfaces and narrative. I have developed writers’ apps and websites from 2010.

A new project is due for output later this year.

Story Software desktop app, and the Microsoft Office plugins, are for creativity, productivity and organising material of all types. Story Software is a BizSpark Microsoft startup.

The latest version is Notes Story Board v2.2. Get Notes Story Board for free here >
It is a unique app with a zooming interface (ZUI) which can handle multiple editors and also images, with many options and exports. Very popular as a story boarding tool, many rave testimonials (“essential”; “by far the best writing software” etc).

Previous versions: Story Turbo and Story Lite. Story Lite is still available, this has no image import and has reduced features. Get Story Lite for free here >

There are also online and Kindle writing courses at Top Writing Courses.

My Masters research was about zooming interfaces (ZUIs). I started to develop the desktop Story Software applications in 2009, with a first version, Story Lite, was released in 2010. Story Turbo, which also imports images, appeared in 2012. Notes with Links for Microsoft Office is released in 2014. This is a notes plugin for Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) that uses multiple panels for notes, to emulate the large canvas of Story Turbo.

More details

How did Notes Story Board develop? I developed the Story Software concept from my Masters research degree in interface design and non-linear narrative. I had been writing fiction on and off for years, including novels and short stories, and multimedia pieces in collaboration with visual artists.

I wanted a simple but powerful multiple box text editor, so made Story Software which has a free form canvas layout on which many text editors can be placed, with a zooming interface and a map for navigation.

Story Lite v1 for Windows and Apple Mac, a text only version, is very popular freeware, with over 4,000 downloads a month. This has now been replaced by the enhanced Notes Story Board.

Other Projects and Websites for robots and AI is due for output later this year.

Botz Robots is more dedicated to the entertainment side.

Easy Money Units or EMUs for the UBI (universal basic income) cryptocurrency designed in 1997 in Death on the Bubble World.

I also run the large Building DIY website which has a lot of eco and green building and garden advice. This came out of my eco property new build company which ended in 2007.

Top Writing Courses – this has some How to Write ebooks and online advice

Visit these other sites we made for Ivy Ngeow:

Write Ngeow (fiction site)

Ivy Ngeow Architects

Satsuma Music (online video piano lessons and her band)

This is one Ivy runs for sewing:

The Sewcial Media

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