BOTZ is a new project from Story Software and Geoff Davis. This is a new robot brand. There is a novel and multimedia release later this year. See botz.tech for more details.

Botz is a Trade Mark ref UK00003207992, 14 April 2017 (classes 7,9,41 and 42).


EMU cryptocurrency Geoff Davis

EMU cryptocurrency Geoff Davis

The Botz novel, games and online presence will be launched later 2018. It has a UBI (universal basic income) cryptocurrency called Easy Money Units or EMUs. These were first written about in my novella Death in the Bubble World – see the blog.

Notes Story Board zooming canvas creativity software
There is a new app Notes Story Board, this replaces Story Turbo.
It is bundled with all of our How to Write ebooks (also available as Kindle). It is free for personal use.

Get the free Notes Story Board app now >

The simpler Story Lite is also free now, get it here >

Buy with confidence – Story Software is a Microsoft BizSpark startup

Microsoft BizSpark Startup

NEWS: Top Writing Courses is now free access, why not visit now >

What is the app?
Notes Story Board v2.2 is a Windows and (soon) Mac desktop app. It has free layout on a zooming canvas, with multiple text boxes, images, and colors.
This allows flexible use of the software for anything from story boarding, creative notes, photo collections, brainstorming, scrapbooks, research etc.
Benefits are no constraints to how you can layout your multiple texts and images; flexible creativity; and many export options.

Rave reviews
“Unbelievable in its flexibility and usefulness.”
“Every writer should know about Story Turbo.”
“By far, the best piece of writing software.”
Unsolicited feedback August 2013 >

NEWS: Notes With Links Plus Panels for Office 365 has now been discontinued. Current users still have access. A new Microsoft Office 365 app will be out this year.

We have the following writing and organisation productivity applications:

Notes Story Board is used for notes, editing, creative writing, annotation larger documents with side boxes and call outs, text editing and word processing.

Because it has image import, it can be used for presentations, scrapbooks, publishing and more, brain-storming, mind maps. Software applications for Windows and Apple Mac.

Story Lite was our first app from 2010, this had the same multiple text boxes on the zoomin canvas, but had no image import.

Story Software European site

European hub for Story Software, with the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portugese
  • Russian
  • Arabic

Top Writing Courses from Story Software

How to write: free online creative writing courses. These are a Fiction & Narrative course, a Script Writing course, plus many extras. We also have three educational Kindle ebooks, from whence this site was derived.

Story Software was founded by Geoff Davis, for background see People page >

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